Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Things Stampin -- Everywhere

Along with this new love of all things stampin and scrapbooking, I have accumulated lots and lots of goodies. I love all my new goodies, but need to come up with a way to store them.  I decided that this weekend I really wanted to focus on getting my paper sorted and stored. I have an office where things can be stored, but I love working in the dinning room where I am still in the middle of the family. I sure would not want to miss anything!

This turned into several trips to several different stores and several purchases that will have to be returned this week. Not Fun. My first stop was Office Max to pick up a rolly cart that would fit my 12x12 paper.  A friend showed me her system and it works great for her. I wanted to try it out, so I bought the cart, but they do not stock the hanging folders.  Next stop, Michaels to buy the 12x12 hanging folders. I get everything home and the folders are not the right size to fit the cart. Next, I spent about an hour online looking for a solution.  I thought I found one at Joanns. So off I go only to find out that the folders did not fit that either.

My final solution, for now, was to purchase this iris paper holder. Not a perfect solution for sure. But will work for now until my paper stock grows.

I sorted my paper creating a drawer for subtles, neutrals, brights, regals, in colors and DSP.  I then sorted each set and placed scraps (smaller pieces in ziplocks), 81/2x11, and 12x12 stacked and dividers placed between each color.

I can now go to a color and know exatcly how many of each color I have.  The purpose of this whole project was reached. At least It was on sale at 40% off and I had a $5 coupon off that total.

During all this searching online for the perfect storage items, I came along the best design for inkpad holder! Rebel Inker created a shelf for all the inkpads and it only costs about $6. check out this website...

This is definately my next project! What a great idea and the plans are even listed! I have added her blog to my favorites so that later I can really search all her great ideas. Only one project per weekend!

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