Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Impact

I just got home from Pink Impact 2012! It was the most amazing experience.  The speakers were God filled women that truly spoke to my heart.  I am leaving with so much to pray and think about. The words Arise and Courage will always mean more to me after this week and I pray that I will be able to put them into my daily life.

I never imagined being able to hear Beth Moore in person. It was such a gift to be able to experience her passion. She is such an inspiration! 

There were so many great speakers that I have a whole list of books to order. The first of which will be by Holly Wagner, the pastor of Oasis Church in California. God Chicks Awaken is a devotional that I must find.

Before even leaving the Gateway Church parking lot I was ordering tickets for the 2013 Pink Impact Conference.  Time to clear that schedule for next April.

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