Thursday, September 11, 2014

Always Tackling Stampin' Supplies

Here I am again, Tackling Stampin' Supplies. It seems like my stash grows and grows and grows. Of course I have no idea how this happens! I love all my supplies, but sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I really like everything to have it's place.

Well, I have been eyeing the IKEA Raskog Kitchen Cart it seems like forever. I finally bought it this weekend and I am so pleased. It works great and can move all around my craft room. So wherever I am working I can just roll it over. And during my Stampin' Up! events I can just roll it out to where we are crafting.

Have you seen this great cart?

I did get the turquoise because that is my favorite color. It's so bright and cherry. But it does come in a dark gray.  Here's what it looks like now that I have it home and completely loaded! 

It works out great and freed up so much of my shelf space for the little items that I really want right there next to me anyway.  What a great deal from IKEA for only $49. Does any else get this excited about organizing their crafting supplies?

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